National Geographic, Forbes, Vogue and more lead in the MPA's new social media rankings

National Geographic, Forbes, Vogue and more lead in the MPA's new social media rankings

A new report rating 166 magazine brands

In a study placed across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, the Association of Magazine Media (MPA) has decided to create a ranking system to follow the success of all major publishing brands

The MPA has investigated the power and pull of social media with a special ranking system, relating to 166 magazine brands across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

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General interest titles like Forbes seem to attract more followers on Facebook and Twitter

It seems that the number of page "likes" and followers for magazines on Instagram is growing at a quicker rate at titles devoted to fashion, beauty and travel and general interest magazines are grabbing more "likes" and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. 

best social media brands

Vogue featured in all top ten lists

Included in the top 10 magazines in terms of "likes" and followers across all four combined networks are National Geographic (with 56.2 million), Time (20.1 million), The Economist (18.3 million), Vogue (16.8 million), People (12.5 million), Elle (9.6 million) and Forbes (8.6 million).

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National Geographic is the undisputed leader across all social media platforms 

On Instagram alone, National Geographic came in a clear first again, and it dominated all social categories with 8.6 million followers. Vogue came in second with 2.9 million, followed by GQ (1.2 million), National Geographic Traveler (1.2 million), Teen Vogue (878,687), Time (830,661) and Vanity Fair (696,001). With similar results across Facebook, when looked at individually.

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Time magazine ranked in the top ten magazines on Instagram 

Twitter's top 10 was a little different with the addition of The New Yorker (3.8 million), Wired (3.6 million) and Entertainment Weekly (3.2 million) to the top ten.

It should be noted that clicking the "like" or "follow" button doesn't automatically translate into readership figures. In fact, it's hard to say what it all means, exactly. At the very least, such popularity across social media is a bargaining tool when it comes to advertising deals.

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