Private jet taxis launch in London

Private jet taxis launch in London

Equipped with 4G WiFi, 2 plasma screens and a fridge

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Image: The Luxury Mobile Office Company

UK-based, The Luxury Mobile Office Company, unveils its private jet-style taxi, ready to take off on the streets of London

On the outside the car looks like a standard black Mercedes Viano, but the tinted windows give an alluring indication that things inside may be slightly different to the traditional black cab.

Launched by The Luxury Mobile Office Company (TLMOC) the opulent form of transport offers business professionals complete privacy and luxury as they travel.

jet taxi

Inside the taxi there are four lavish leather chairs which face across each other with a table that can be extended or retracted in the middle, depending on whether the passengers want to work or share a drink from the onboard fridge. Television screens are also fixed in the front and rear end of the vehicle, ready to share Powerpoint presentations or just watch a film.

The minivan which looks like a private jet on the inside even has a button which allows its windows to white-out instantly — making sure no one can see in and that the passenger cant see out — creating the ultimate feeling of seclusion, ensuring the passengers complete peace of mind.

jet taxi

"Travel time does not have to be wasted time," CEO of TLMOC, Mark Strachan said, "We believe that TLMOC offers a superior, yet competitive, alternative to current options.  A Wi-Fi-enabled, comfortable and relaxed working environment can transform a journey into productive office time at very reasonable rates."


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