Moscow's giant clockwork by Raketa

Moscow's giant clockwork by Raketa

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Digital renderings of what will soon be one of the top five largest mechanical clocks in the world have been released – set to start later this year in Moscow

Joining the likes of Big Ben and the Kremlin clock, plus huge structures in both Prague and Ganzhou, the all-new clock on the Lubyanka square in front of the FSB (KGB) building in Moscow will be made by Raketa – and construction is scheduled for December this year.

Raketa watches have been manufactured since 1961 by the Petrodvorets Watch Factory in Saint Petersburg, Russia’s oldest factory that was founded by Peter the Great.

Moscow's giant clockwork by Raketa (фото 1)

Once completed, the giant mechanical clock will be the biggest of its kind in the world. It measures 6 by 7.5 metres with a 13 metre pendulum. The total weight of the movement will be about 5 tons and will be made ​​of aluminum, steel, copper and brass. There are no currently no working clocks in the world with the gears of such size.

Moscow's giant clockwork by Raketa (фото 2)

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