The company that own Times New Roman and Helvetica fonts are going to make emojis

The company that own Times New Roman and Helvetica fonts are going to make emojis

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The world of Emoji's could be about to explode as news of the recent acquisition of Swyft Media by type-face giant, Monotype, is released. We can't wait to see what new Emojis could be filling our messaging streams, as the collaboration looks to expand the Emoji scene...

A picture paints a thousand words – as the saying goes, and this could not be more true in the age of picture messaging and Emoji's. In fact, we rely on Emoji icons to convey our messages over social media and messaging apps so heavily these days that entire conversations can be conducted with barely any use of traditional language at all. 

The folks at Monotype, makers of globally used typefaces such as Times New Roman and Helvetica, have caught on and are acquiring Swyft Media to join forces in dominating the Emoji scene. The $12 million deal is a big win for the successful start up company, that now has the resources of Monotype to further their work in mobile app integration. 

Monotype are looking forward to the companies' joint future: "We're excited to welcome Swyft Media to Monotype. The acquisition provides us with a significant opportunity to move down market and serve the explosive numbers of consumers across the globe who are hungry for new and unique ways to express themselves in messaging apps - with millennials at the heart of that movement and our fonts an important part of that self-expression," said Doug Shaw, president and CEO of Monotype. "Swyft Media's expertise and proven success helping brands and advertisers connect and engage with consumers in ways that deliver immediate results were very appealing to Monotype, as we look at new ways to grow our business."

Internet artist Matthew Williamson has had a stab at imagining some new Emoji's in the illustration above. What is missing from your Emoji keyboard? How about a Kanye-ego Emoji, or a yoga Emoji, or even a Beyonce Emoji?