Mercedes-Benz creates sustainable home power source

Mercedes-Benz creates sustainable home power source

Home battery

Mercedes-Benz takes further steps in the eco-friendly direction with a new sustainable home power initiative. Get the power scoop here...

Mercedes-Benz and its parent company, Daimler, are jumping into the sustainability game with both feet. The recent release of the G-Class is the perfect example of the car company's conciseness of eco-friendly practices.

Now comes the news (of a less automotive focus) of the new 'home battery' concept. Reportedly the concept was originally offered by the Tesla company, and Mercedes' interpretation of the concept sees a battery back that stores excess energy from solar sources to be used at home as an alternative from the main electric grid. The battery packs can deliver as much as 2.5kWh and can be used in packs of up to seven home batteries to create a personal power 'plant' of sorts. Whilst Mercedes has built the battery, its availability and pricing are still under wraps.