Louis Vuitton debut new collection for Salone del Mobile

Louis Vuitton debut new collection for Salone del Mobile

The 2015 Objets Nomades collection

Louis Vuitton unveils its 2015 'Objets Nomades' travel inspired furniture collection for Salone del Mobile, with a display at Palazzo Bocconi in Milan. Discover the nine distinct designs from nine different design talents here...

Louis Vuitton are world-renowned as travel aficionados, so when the French fashion house presents its annual travel inspired furnishings 'Objets Nomades,' it is with great anticipation.

The collection is composed by a carefully selected group of nine designers, in honour of Salone del Mobile, when the Palazzo Bocconi recieves a Louis Vuitton furniture take over. 

Speaking of the fashion house's tentative annual foray into the design led furniture world, Vuitton's president Michael Burke said: "We're a house that is inspired by design, but we don't want to be a furniture house; we like to feel that we're guests and we're invited to the Salone del Mobile," 

The list of design talents that have been drafted in this year, and given carte blanche to create their travel inspired pieces included; Patricia Urquiola, Atelier Oï, Barber & Osgerby, Nendo, Campana Brothers, Gwenaël Nicolas, Raw Edges, Damien Langlois-Meurinne and Maarten Baas.

Creations included a portable Concertina chair by design due Raw Edges, whom Louis Vuitton scouted at Milan Design Week some years ago. The chair is fashioned from wood and panels of leather that can collapse. "Usually when you have something that is collapsable, it has to be very practical and very light and very small, and we wanted to make something that when you open it, it's actually very impressive," said the pair. As well as the on brand woven leather hammock in rich orange and the leather lattice foldable chairs in black.

Discover the full collection of furniture designs for 'Objets Nomades,' in the gallery below.

Salone del Mobile takes place in Milan 14–19 April 2015