The jacket that gives a whole new meaning to 'location enabled' wearable tech

The jacket that gives a whole new meaning to 'location enabled' wearable tech

Introducing Wearable Experiments' 'Navigate Paris' Jacket

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Navigate Paris is not actually an app but Wearable Experiments or We:eX’s latest, location-enabled jacket... And it will help you track the city in no time

It's one of world's busiest cities, once you consider the museums, cafes and endless charming streets... And now, all you need to do to find your way around is a piece of wearable tech in the form of a slip-on blazer.

Navigate Paris simply needs store relevant destinations uploaded within the 'directions' of the jacket, which then gives turn-by-turn directions to where you need to go. 

This means that the wearer can walk unimpeded with instructions being made apparent on the sleeves of their jacket, whereby vibrations alert the user when to turn, and in which direction. Simple.

Location enabled jacket

Attributing its inspiration to, "the nostalgia and subtle sophistication of Paris," the jacket is not just a functional device but supposedly a fashion garment, too. 

It is made of 100% wool – very Europe appropriate – and sports a houndstooth pattern. "Now you can experience Paris as a traveller rather than a tourist." States the very words of We:eX Cofounder and Creative Director Billie Whitehouse.  

Location enabled jacket

Location enabled jacket

Take a look at the video to discover more:

The Navigate line can be pre-ordered from the We:eX website now, and is also available for Sydney and New York.

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