For sale: A luxury Leonardo Da Vinci-designed Tuscan villa

For sale: A luxury Leonardo Da Vinci-designed Tuscan villa

The Da Vinci abode

The luxury cliff-top Tuscan villa, designed by renaissance artists and inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci, has been listed on the property market and could reach as much as $11.2 million…

The chance to own a Leonardo Da Vinci masterpiece is open to those who have between $5.6 million and $11.2 million. But this isn't an oil on canvas sort of masterpiece, like the Mona Lisa, but rather a bricks and mortar creation. 

The distinctive luxury villa, set on the Livorno coast, designed by the Italian artist in the 16th century, and occasionally inhabited by him, is now on the market. Boasting a fortress-like exterior on a beautiful cliff top location on the Tuscan sea-side the villa is said to be most likely snapped up by a "foreign investor" according to real estate agents. 

Purchase Leonardo da Vinci's Tuscan Villa

Comprising a vast 773-square-meters across four levels, the villa includes traditional Tuscan features such as terracotta flooring and copper eaves as well as some breathtaking sea views. 

But perhaps more impressive is the cultural and historical value of the home. Not only was it designed by one of the most famous renaissance artists and inventors, but in the 19th century the home was purchased by Princess Elisa Bonaparte, the sister of French Emperor Napoleon I, and Grand Duchess of Tuscany. Certainly a desirable abode to add any property portfolio.

Purchase Leonardo da Vinci's Tuscan VillaPurchase Leonardo da Vinci's Tuscan Villa