Lee Kuan Yew is honoured by Time Magazine

Lee Kuan Yew is honoured by Time Magazine

An ode to a visionary leader

Time Magazine honours Lee Kuan Yew as Singapore bids farewell to its founding Prime Minister, who died on Monday at the aged of 91. The magazine marks the leaders lasting footprint not just on Singapore, but on the wider world...

Time Magazine honours Singapore's first president, Lee Kuan Yew, with an in memoriam cover, as Singapore and the world bid the pioneering leader a fond farewell. Almost half a million Singaporeans braved the seasonal downpour of heavy rain yesterday to line the streets as the state funeral procession passed its 15.5 km route, in a show of respect. It was a scene of unusual disarray and emotion in the usually ordered state of Singapore.  

Mourning Singaporeans were joined by 17 world leaders including former US President Bill Clinton and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who flew into the country to pay tribute to the man that will remembered by history for his outstanding leadership. 

Lee Kuan Yew founded Singapore as we know it, taking it from a former British colonial out-post with no natural resources to speak of and a confused ethnic identity, to an Asian Tiger economy, bringing it from a third world country to a first world country within a single generation. His 30 year rule has been characterised by his realism school of thought and his outlook saw leaders such the then USA president Ronald Regan, seek advice about the future of Asia. 

Singapore's current President Lee, Lee Kuan Yew's son, presented an emotional eulogy at the funeral service citing the famed epitaph of London's St. Paul's cathedral architect Christopher Wren – if you seek his monument, look around you, saying: 

"To those who seek Mr Lee Kuan Yew's monument, Singaporeans can reply proudly: 'look around you'."

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