Korea takes the prize at Venice Architecture Biennale

Korea takes the prize at Venice Architecture Biennale

An influential achievement

Image: Dezeen

Koreans take pride in presenting an exhibit that revolves around the unifications of their divided country

The Korean Pavilion, curated by Mass Studies Founder Minsuk Cho, has taken home the 'Golden Lion Award' for best pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2014, beating the Chilean Pavilion with their Monolith Controversies exhibit, and Spanish architect Andrés Jaque and his project entitled Sales Oddity, Milano 2 and the Politics of Direct-to-home TV Urbanism.

The exhibition, entitled Crow's Eye View: The Korean Peninsula, was applauded by the jury, who commended it for presenting "a rich body of work in a highly charged political situation" and stating that "It is research-in-action, which expands the spatial and architectural narrative into a geopolitical reality".

The display demonstrated the possibilities of a united Korea by investigating the architecture of both cultures, with Cho discussing that "The trick is to actually look back to work to move forward," he said. "And this was a fascinating task within the timeframe - a very monumental one."

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