Kim Kardashian overtakes Justin Bieber on Instagram following spam account purge

Kim Kardashian overtakes Justin Bieber on Instagram following spam account purge

The most followed individual on Instagram

Yesterday, following many weeks of warnings, Instagram purged its accounts – clearing millions of fake and spam accounts, leading to a drop in followers for almost each and every user…

The purge has seen Justin Bieber lose the most followed person on Instagram crown to Kim Kardashian, after he lost a whopping 3.8 million followers.

Instagram had begun warning its users that a change in follower numbers was likely, since they were planning to remove all of the spam and fake accounts from the social media platform. It is expected that 2–10 million accounts will be removed as a result of the process. 

Beiber saw his following drop from 23.8 million to 20 million in a matter of hours, leaving Kim Kardashian – who has 22.2 million followers now following the purge – in first place, as the most followed personal account on Instagram. Beyoncé comes in second with 21.4 million, and Bieber, who once had the top spot, has now been demoted to third place.

Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande also suffered losses in the purge, seeing their followings drop by 1.1 million and 1.6 million respectively. 

Rapper Mase was left red-faced when his 1.6 million followers dropped to 1.5 million –leading many to speculate that he had bought his Instagram followers. He has since deleted his account.

Interestingly, the account that took the biggest drop was Instagram's handle, with its 45.3 million followers dropping to 18.9 million users in the purge.

Users who have been on Instagram the longest are likely to have suffered the most follower losses, since many people signed up and have since not user accounts, or created spam or fake accounts when the security sign up wasn't as strict.

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