Kickstarter celebrates $1 billion in pledges

Kickstarter celebrates $1 billion in pledges

Funds given from 224 countries around the globe

Image: MW Partners
Image: Kickstarter

The popular US-based crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, has recently announced that they've surpassed $1 billion in pledges from donators

Founded just five years ago, the crowdfunding website for personal projects,, has seen immense growth since its debut back in 2009 — becoming one of the largest creative hubs on the web in just under 5 years.

To celebrate the benchmark and thank contributors, Kickstarter created a special page on its website with some interesting facts about the company, including the 3 countries with the most pledges, with the US at number one ($663 million), UK in second ($54 million) and Canada coming in third ($44 million).

Kickstarter also states that the $1 billion came from 5.7 million people who have backed creative projects — half of which was pledged in the last 12 months.