Kanye West revealed as The New Yorker's new cover star

Kanye West revealed as The New Yorker's new cover star

Illustrated by Barry Blitt

Editor: Buro 24/7

Rapper turned fashion designer, turned presidential candidate – Kanye West – is revealed as the latest cover star of the iconic New Yorker. Get the scoop...

Kanye West has something else to celebrate, as his presidential bid revelation continues to garner headlines. This time, the iconic New Yorker has placed the rapper, turned designer, turned presidential candidate on its cover...

The New Yorker has unveiled its September 14 edition, which features an illustration of West by Barry Blitt. The image is a copy of the original 'Dewey Beats Truman' photo, in which Harry Truman holds a prematurely misprinted Chicago Daily Tribune newspaper cover in 1948.

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Blitt said of the new Kanye West cover: “…It doesn’t take a whole lot of imagination to be reminded of another scrappy kid who won the Presidency, back in 1948, against all odds. The press wrote him off, too. That’s right—Harry Truman.”