New Instagram advertisements to appear in user's feeds

New Instagram advertisements to appear in user's feeds

'Carousel' commercials to debut

Editor: Buro 24/7

Following the introduction of paid ads on its platform two years ago, Instagram have announced a new product 'carousel ads' – which are set to debut it user's feeds soon...

After introducing paid advertisements to its popular platform in 2013, Instagram have been collecting feedback from users and partners, and have now announced a new product – set to debut soon.

Referred to as 'carousel ads', the new paid pop-ups will allow users to swipe their screens for additional images and links – thereby providing its advertising partners with increased visibility to tell their stories.

Instagram famously does not allow any hyperlinks outside of the 'link in bio' provided for every user, this has led to many complaints, which are no doubt even more important to the social media platform's advertising investors. The new carousel technology means that partners can now run multi-page hyperlinked print campaigns to smartphones via the picture sharing tool. 

Instagram announced that it will slowly roll these new ads out over the coming weeks, noting on its official blog: "As with all photo and video ads, people who don’t want to know more can simply scroll past carousel ads in their feed."

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