Instagram announces plans to make ads shoppable

Instagram announces plans to make ads shoppable

...And Pinterest follows suit

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Instagram have finally announced that it is addressing the many complaints from retailers and fashion brands who are frustrated with its lack of click-ability – and have revealed that it will soon make its ads shoppable. Pinterest is also following suit with its own announcement. Discover both stories in full here...

As its founder – Kevin Systrom – gets closer and closer to the fashion industry and its influential inner circle (pictured above with DvF at the recent CFDA Awards where Systrom was presented with the 'Media Award' by Kim Kardashian), Instagram have announced plans which will no doubt delight retailers and fashion brands across the world: It is making its ads shoppable.

Many have complained that Instagram's biggest downfall is its lack of click-ability to external sites (bar the bio URL inside the profiles), and now for the first time this is being addressed with the new introduction of shoppable ads.

 Instagram announces plans to make ads shoppable

On Tuesday, the popular social media platform which now boasts 300 million monthly active users, announced that it will begin testing a series of new advertising platforms, which will enable advertisers to sell products, create website sign-ups and prompt app downloads, all from within Instagram.

There is currently no news about how the new ads will work, but Instagram did share the above visual at how it might look – which shows that it is similar to a normal post, but flagged with 'Sponsored' and a new 'Shop Now' button. 'Install Now,' 'Sign Up' and 'Learn More' buttons will also feature for ads.

With the new ads Instagram will also offer better targeting capabilities by utilising its parent company – Facebook's know-how on demographics and interests as ad targets. And it will also put emphasis on small businesses, again inspired by Mark Zuckerberg's platform – which has seen small businesses become a lucrative part of Facebook's market. Soon small companies will be able to purchase ads via an Instagram Ads API and Facebook's ad buying interfaces. 

Pinterest has also announced its plans to make its pins shoppable. Pins that link to a page from an advertiser will soon feature an easy to use 'Buy It' button. Users will then be able to select different options for products such as sizing or colours, and tap to purchase instantly using a credit card or Apple Pay.

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