Instagram launch video advertising

Instagram launch video advertising

With Disney, Lancôme, Banana Republic and more

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Disney, Activision and Banana Republic are among the early buyers for Instagram's new advertising function

After six months of careful testing, Instagram have finally launched advertisements via the media of video this week. The popular photo sharing social media platform – now owned by Instagram – will show 15-second video clips promoting its first advertising partners, which include Disney, Activision, Lancôme, Banana Republic and CW.

Disney are using the platform to advertise it's latest film Big Hero 6, "We felt like we wanted to step up in a big way for Big Hero 6," said Anthy Price, svp of media at Disney. "And we're excited about video." 

Just like with its static image ad policy, Instagram are unusually strict when it comes to the rules and regulations of the new ads – reviewing all clips to ensure that they are fresh in terms of content, fit the Instagram vibe and are not just rehashed TV or web commercials.  

Instagram's rivals Tumblr and Snapchat recently launched similar offerings – demonstrating that video is becoming more and more important when it comes to advertising. 

Earlier this month Snapchat booked its first ad with Universal Pictures, releasing a short video campaign to promote a trailer for the movie Ouija.

How Instagram users will respond to their previously ad-free app now being exposed to both picture and video sponsored content only time will tell, but judging by the lineup of super brands who have signed on right away, this is only the beginning. "It wasn't a hard decision for us," said Brian Chang, assistant vp of media at Lancome USA. "We, as a brand, wanted to take advantage of being first to market."

Some are concerned that this means the end for Instagram, while others are more positive. 

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