Revealed: Just seven people control the whole Internet

Revealed: Just seven people control the whole Internet

The key holders to the web...

Meet the seven people who hold the real life keys that control the vast expanse of the World Wide Web. Thanks to new access granted to The Guardian to the quarterly ritual known as the key ceremony we have learned the details of how the internet is governed and it's not what you would expect...

We use it everyday and share our personal information on it but have you ever wondered if anyone is actually in charge of the Internet? The answer is just seven people...

A group of seven primary people each hold one primary metal key with a further seven back-up people who each possess a back-up key, making up an organisation called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This organisation meets four times a year in highly secure locations complete with private security details, communication blackout technology and retina scans for the key ceremony to create a new master key for the internet. 

This ICANN is solely responsible for assigning numerical codes, commonly referred to as IP addresses to all the web addresses used online. This allows everyday people to access their favourite websites by using the name such as rather than the complex numerical IP address. The ICANN ensures that these addresses are correctly assigned and not misused thereby preventing important information such as bank account numbers from falling into the hands of fraudsters. 


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