Google files patent for TV and film spoiler-proof browsing

Google files patent for TV and film spoiler-proof browsing

Spoiler alert

Google have filed a patent to hold the technology that could help users avoid any and all spoilers of their favourite shows, whilst the system keeps up to date the user's viewing progress...

Google has filed a patent for a system that will block spoilers on selected TV shows, for web users. The technology would rely on data from streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Fire TV, to get real time updates on a user's progress through a certain series, and will block Web searches and streams that leak spoilers beyond that point. The feature can be manually overridden at any point. 

However the spoiler blocking may not be brought to fruition just yet (say, in time for the launch of the new series of Game of Thrones for instance) Google has been quick to warn users that this patent comes with no guarantees. A spokesman for the search engine giant said: "We hold patents on a variety of ideas, some of those ideas later mature into real products or services, some don't."

For now, we can just rely on a good old fashioned 'spoiler alert' to avert eyes.