Google makes shopping easier with new 'Purchase' function

Google makes shopping easier with new 'Purchase' function

Buy buttons are back...

Google’s ‘buy’ button is coming back under the new function – Google Purchase – making one click shopping online, easy and seamless. Get the scoop…

Making purchases directly from your Google searches will soon be possible with the introduction of 'buy buttons' across a number of relevant searches. The tech giant made the announcement today, stating that clicking the new 'Purchase' function will make shopping online all the more simple: 

"When an advertisement for a product appears in search results, you'll be able to click on that product and select the checkout option if you want to buy it," said a Google spokesperson. Explaining that a new micro-site will then appear, in order for the retailer to keep its usual experience. "From there, you can choose to buy the product, or search for another product from that retailer if the specific item you want isn't shown."