Will Google open its first US retail store?

Will Google open its first US retail store?

Rumoured to be opening in Manhattan's SoHo district

Image: Slumz.Boxden

Web giant, Google, are apparently considering opening their very first US retail location in New York City's creative SoHo neighbourhood, with an Apple store just around the corner

This week,  Google is said to be considering making the bold step into the retail market, with reports stating that the company's first store will be an 8000-square-foot space, located on SoHo's Greene Street — also home to a variety of high-end luxury brands such as Dior Homme and Stella McCartney.

As Google keeps unveiling its range of hardware products — Google Glass and Chromebook laptops — it appears obligatory that Google will move towards opening its first permanent retail store, creating a permanent spot for them in the future of technological goods.

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