Google Chrome has hidden a game in its error message

Google Chrome has hidden a game in its error message

Internet off? Game on!

Google Chrome has hidden a game in its "unable to connect to the Internet" error message. Providing some offline fun to those unable to connect. Learn how to bring the famous Chrome dinosaur to life...

We have come to expect Internet connectivity at all times and in all places these days, and when we are denied, we can feel quite outraged. The folks at Google Chrome understand this frustration, and whilst they can't solve all of our disconnections, they have developed a fun way to pass the time when offline. 

You might be familiar with the little eight-bit dinosaur that pops up on the screen when attempting to access a website without an internet connection, but you might not know that it can become a game on the new version of Google Chrome. 

If you press the space bar while the T-Rex appears, it springs to life and begins to run and hurdle over obstacles in its path, namely spiky cacti plants. The game is controlled by the space bar, which gives the command to 'jump'. It is also available on handheld devices, and controlled by the touchscreen. It's not the most complex or challenging game, but it may help to take the edge off your frustrations of not getting online...

Google Chrome has hidden a game in an error message