Glow in the dark roads tested in the Netherlands

Glow in the dark roads tested in the Netherlands

Futuristic Highway

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Image: Slash Gear

Two companies in the Netherlands have begun testing a futuristic highway which aims to save energy and improve road safety

Further to the news that glowing trees are being developed in the Netherlands by  Daan Roosegaarde, two Dutch design companies; Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans Infrastructure, have worked together to come up with a new energy saving concept which includes glow-in-the-dark road markings, temperature-responsive paint (which indicates slippery roads when temperatures fall below zero), and interactive lights along the highway that light up as cars approach. 

  • Priority inductions lanes could also be a possibility, recharging electric cars as they drive along at the side of the road.

  • The concept will obviously have to pass multiple tests before it's rolled out across the country, but this could be the start of an energy saving era for roads in the future.

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