Falcon's customised $48 million iPhone 6

Falcon's customised $48 million iPhone 6

Bling bling for your apple

US-based company Falcon has announced its own iPhone 6 bespoke collection, even before the release of Apple’s latest device which was unveiled on Tuesday

Split into two separate collections named 'Bespoke' and 'SuperNova', Falcon has introduced a total of 21 customised versions of the new iPhone 6 with the prices starting at a mere $2.25 million.

Falcon's customised $48 million iPhone 6 (фото 1)

For that price, you can get your hands on a platinum iPhone 6 with an emerald cut diamond studded on the rear plate. However, the 'SuperNova' collection truely is the icing on top of the iPhone cake – the cheapest in the opulent collection is $32.5 million, while the top-of-range comes for $48.5 million, for which you get a rose gold iPhone with a pink diamond on the back.

With those prices in mind, the company does offer a lifetime warranty on defects and its own concierge service...

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