Facebook to double its staff in Dubai

Facebook to double its staff in Dubai

Social expansion in the Middle East

The social media platform is set to double its resources in Dubai, as it aims to boost its popularity among Arab youth

With 71 million Facebook users solely in the Middle East and North Africa, the American company is looking to expand its resources in Dubai, including new senior management as it hopes to expand among one of the fastest growing populations in the world.

So far, the figure of users has grown by 9 million in the last year  counted by the number of individuals that log at least once a month  with more than 70 percent of users logging on a mobile device.

"It's such an important region and such an important hub," Facebook vice-president of Europe, Middle East and Africa Nicola Mendelsohn stated. "We're doubling our resources in Dubai. Over the last few months we've brought in a lot more senior people to work with us across a number of different areas and to work with the businesses in the region."

Mendelsohn also mentioned how Facebook wants to increase business presence on the site, including advertising.