Hello, shopping sprees on Facebook!

Hello, shopping sprees on Facebook!

New shopping options on-site and in-app

Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

Facebook has us fearing for our bank cards, so keep them well out of reach. You have been warned!

Facebook has just announced plans to launch a new shopping feature. Exciting! The social media giant conducted a survey and it showed 50 percent of users come to Facebook looking for products. Hence, tests for two new functions are in the pipeline and we cannot wait to see if they're rolled out..

Conventionally, clicking on the ads will bring you to a retailer's website and that takes precious time away from browsing through your news feed. With the new functionality called 'Canvas', ads will quickly display a full-page screen of the products they're promoting and if you want, you can purchase it directly.

The other functionality to be tested is called 'Shopping'. Click on this and you'll find a 'news-feed styled' page where all the participating retailers list their products. These feeds will be based on your connection, likes and interests, of course.

For now, the tests are conducted only on a small group (clearly we weren't shopaholic enough for the invite) and it may not even come to full fruition. Facebook we're watching this space!