Sold: The most expensive house in the world

Sold: The most expensive house in the world

In Greenwich, Connecticut for $120 million

Image: HUH Magazine
Image: Business Insider

The Copper Beach Farm in Connecticut on the East coast of America has been sold, making it the most expensive single home sale ever

Following the news of Manhattan's most expensive property going on the market, a stunning 50 acre estate located in Greenwich, Connecticut, has just sold for the staggering price of $120 million. The deal has made it the most expensive home sale ever recorded in the United States.

Going by the name of 'The Copper Beech Farm', the home was built in 1898 and features a French Renaissance aesthetic throughout it's 15,000 square-feet.

The home boasts a 1,800 foot-long driveway, a 4,000 foot waterfront and views of two offshore islands, which also belong to the estate. Other perks include a grass tennis court, an apple orchard, and a 75-ft heated pool.

The quite fabulous home was sold by timber mogul John Rudey, who purchased it back in 1981 for a relatively cheap $7.55 million.

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