UAE's Etihad Airways announces partnership with Facebook

UAE's Etihad Airways announces partnership with Facebook

Reinventing travel marketing

As Abu Dhabi's Etihad Airways announces a new partnership with Facebook, the travel industry prepares to see its marketing landscape completely redefined. Find out about the partnerships leading first initiative – The Expat Targeting campaign – here...

A new partnership has been announced between Etihad Airways and Facebook, in a move that is set to revolutionise marketing in the travel industry. The Abu Dhabi national airline, which recently revealed Nicole Kidman as its face, hopes to expand its reach through the Facebook network, which will enable it to target specific groups.

One of the most successful initiatives to come out of the partnership is Etihad Airways' launch of Facebook's brand new global Expat Targeting campaign in the UAE. As the first brand in the world to use this approach, the airline targeted Indian national expats living in the UAE, via their Facebook newsfeed, encouraging them to celebrate Diwali in Abu Dhabi by flying their families in on Etihad Airways.

"People expect communication to be personal, relevant and mobile. With Facebook's Expat Targeting we were able to speak to a highly relevant audience and deliver them something that was truly valuable and in real time." said Liz Selby, Etihad Airways' Head of Social Media, of the new partnership and targeting initiative. 


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