The Eiffel Tower goes green with wind turbines

The Eiffel Tower goes green with wind turbines

Power to the tower

The iconic Eiffel Tower has stood proudly in the French capital for more than one hundred years, now, in 2015 it has a new reason to be proud – a new green initiative that sees wind turbines boost the tower's green energy reserve...

The Eiffel Tour stands as Paris' symbol of ingenuity, and to the rest of the world it is a romantic symbol of the city of love. Now the iconic tower is practicing love in a new form; love for the planet. The Eiffel Tower has gone green with a set of new cleverly camouflaged wind turbines, that help to power the tower's various requirements from lights to its elevator. 

The Société d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel, is the team behind the new innovation that sees a pair of VisionAIR5 wind turbines (designed by Urban Green Energy) tucked into the towers base, harnessing wind energy that is transferred to sustainable reusable energy for the tower. These measures mean that the tower is now 25 percent more energy efficient. 

In addition to the turbines, LED lighting, a rain water collection system, solar panels and high-power heat pumps have also been added to the tower to maximise its green capacity. It was an innovation in 1889 and it continues to be an innovation in 2015. Bravo Paris. 

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