All Dubai Taxis to offer free WiFi by the end of 2014

All Dubai Taxis to offer free WiFi by the end of 2014

Connecting the city

Image: Arabian Business
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Dubai's Road and Transport Authority is stepping up its game, with a move towards complimentary WiFi for all vehicles

It has been reported that Dubai taxis will offer free Wi-Fi in all cars by the end of the year –as part of a push to create a "smart" city in the lead up to Dubai Expo 2020.

People will be able to connect to smartphones, tablets or laptops and surf the internet as soon as they enter the car, stated a Road and Transport Authority (RTA) official. The service is already available in '155 Hala Taxis' across the city.

Abdulla Al Madani, the chief executive of corporate support services at the RTA, said, "Connectivity is important, wherever we can provide free WiFi and internal services, we will do."

The RTA will be working the initiative through a third party service provider that hopes to generate profits from the service through advertising.

As part of the ongoing plan to make the city better connected, the RTA also wants to open a Dubai-wide transport command and control centre to integrate all of its offerings across Taxis, Dubai Buses and the Dubai Metro.