Dubai to live stream New Year's Eve fireworks on YouTube

Dubai to live stream New Year's Eve fireworks on YouTube

2014 to finish with a bang

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Once again, Dubai is set to live stream its impressive (and record-breaking) New Year's Eve fireworks display worldwide via YouTube...

On the last night of 2014, the world's tallest skyscraper – the Burj Khalifa – will be set alight with an impressive fireworks display in Downtown Dubai. And although it is said that the impressive spectacle can be seen from outer space, there will be no need to travel that far... As Dubai has unveiled its plans to once more live stream the show via YouTube. Downtown Dubai's YouTube account will screen the New Year's Eve celebrations worldwide, live from Dubai.

With just a little under a week left of 2014, the organisers are also inviting users to create their own fireworks display using an interactive feature on the YouTube account. The platform now allows users to select a background – with options from the Burj Khalifa view, the Downtown Dubai view and dusk at Downtown Dubai to choose from. You are then able to 'drag and drop' your desired fireworks effects, offering a selection of fireworks from 'sparkle' 'crossette' 'willow' and 'chrysanthemum' – before customising your masterpiece with bespoke text.

Take a look at the teaser for the 2015 Downtown Dubai New Year's Gala below now, and if you are still without plans for the big night, check our special guide here.

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