Sheikh Mohammed gives Dubai's new 'Historical District' the green light

Sheikh Mohammed gives Dubai's new 'Historical District' the green light

The futuristic city invests in its rich past

Sheikh Mohammed has given plans for a new Dubai Historical District, the official go-ahead. The new cultural hub is set to be finished by 2018 and promises to be a leading heritage centre for the region...

There is an abundance of exciting news about Dubai's impressive plans for the future, so much so, that the city's rich history is sometimes swept aside. Now a spotlight prepares to shine on the past as plans for a new Historical District in Dubai could be underway as soon as this month. News has emerged that Dubai's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) and Dubai Municipality and Dubai Culture have received a green light for the heritage project from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

The project, once it is completed sometime in 2018, promises to be a leading cultural and heritage centre in the region that will act as a huge attraction to visitors (the ambition is to have as many as 12 million visitors by 2020.) The project will be based around the old-Dubai area of the Creek, spanning Shindagha, Bur Dubai, Al Faheidi and Deira. 

With more than 60 different elements and attractions planned, each element will flow from the central theme of five pillars which are; tradition, heritage, trade, community and place-making.

Abdul Rahman Al Owais, the UAE's Health Minister and chairman of Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, said: "Khor Dubai and the Historical District are the soul of the city, and define our cultural legacy and our Emirati heritage. Apart from having contributed to the evolution of the city as a global hub for business by promoting trade and commerce, our community today celebrates the cultural identity of Dubai and serves as one of the most inspiring art centres."

Some of the initiatives highlights include: Improved pedestrianisation with walks that match up with a guided historical tour from a smartphone app, a typically cool idea for Dubai, fusing the past and the future. One of the largest interactive museums will be built in Shindagha, which will feature floating exhibits housed in traditional pearling boats. Al Faheidi district will enjoy a more focused approach showcasing local art and Emirati artists; art galleries will be promoted through a formal art tour. 

2018 can't come soon enough, Buro 24/7 will be the first to bring you news and images of this supurb projects as it develops...

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