Dubai company reveals plans for $2.6 billion luxury Bosnian mountain resort

Dubai company reveals plans for $2.6 billion luxury Bosnian mountain resort

Bosnia – the new luxury ski destination?

A small town in Bosnia could be about to become the next luxury mountain resort, thanks to a new investment deal from a Dubai construction company. The site of the 1984 Winter Olympics is about to get a premium makeover...

Bosnia hasn't topped any luxury travel lists lately, as far as we are aware, and it likely hasn't featured in a great deal of holiday-maker's plans over the past twenty years, since its war officially ended. But all that might be about to change... 

After a concerted push towards driving investment by the Bosnian foreign ministry, which targeted the UAE, a Dubai-based construction company is reportedly planning to build a luxury resort worth $2.6 billion on a mountain near Sarajevo in Bosnia. 

The former Winter Olympics (1984) village in a small town in Trnovo, has been chosen for its stunning landscapes and fresh mountain air, and is set to become a luxury ski resort, with construction start soon. 

"I had the chance to sign something that will make history in this small community and I am overwhelmed with happiness," the provincial mayor Berilo said of the new development plans. 

With Sarajevo, in short flight distance from Dubai, this new resort could out-glam Gstaad in a few years time. Buro 24/7 will keep you informed and let you know when it's time to book those flights and pack those moon boots...

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