Report: Dubai Apple store opening is delayed

Report: Dubai Apple store opening is delayed

Good business for all

Editor: Buro 24/7

The launch of UAE Apple Stores have been delayed by at least a month. But will be good business for all, say competitors who welcome the new outlets in the region...

Apple Store outlets in the UAE, originally slated for a September launch, are being pushed back by at least a month according to sources. The Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall and a third Abu Dhabi location have been in the works for some time and causing all sorts of hype for Apple fans, and competitors. 

Even Apple re-sellers are excited about the arrival of the official Apple Store, saying the excitement and interest is good for their business too, which typically sees 20% apportioned to the sale of Apple devices. 

"An Apple store opening creates excitement, entertainment and brilliant PR for all Apple products," said Sean Connor, Plug-In's general manager. "I ran an electronics chain in London when the Apple store opened, and it drove the amount of Apple product [our stores] sold up, not down. I am sure people will want to visit the store in Dubai, but they won't necessarily want to buy from the store."

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