Drones display cancelled for London Design Festival

Drones display cancelled for London Design Festival

Hold the drones!

Image: Design Lovers Blog
Image: Wired

Due to safety concerns surrounding the display, a drone installation has been taken off the itinerary for the London Design Festival

In spite of drones becoming a part of familiar daily life more and more in recent times, a flying drone display by crystal brand Swarovski and the organisers of the London Design Festival has been cancelled.

The change comes to this year's event over fears for "safety of members of the public", according to reports.

Swarovski – the Drone Aviary Project's sponsor, released a statement today saying that the project has been removed from the programme over concerns for "safety of members of the public in close proximity to the drones".

Covered in Swarovski crystals, the drones were to hover around the V&A museum's John Madejski Garden during the upcoming festival.

"This would have been the first time that drone technology has interacted with the public in a museum setting," said Swarovski's statement.

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