Drake game ‘Runnin Through The Six’ makes its debut

Drake game ‘Runnin Through The Six’ makes its debut

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Editor: Buro 24/7

Image: Running Through The Six Game

A game tribute to Drake’s track ‘Runnin Through The Six’ has caught our attention today, and it’s as amusing as it is addictive. If you’re reading this, it’s game over for your productivity...

He was running through the six with his woes, and now you can too – thanks to a new super addictive game dedicated to the Drake track. The game features a cartoon Drake who runs through the streets of Toronto, jumping into the sky to collect '6' emojis. Upon successfully grabbing a '6', Drake's 'woe' line is played.

Drake named his track Runnin Through The Six as an ode to his native Toronto, which uses the area code '416', and 'woe' is said to stand for 'working on excellence.'

The game starts and ends with a comical tribute to Drake's album name too – the opening credits feature the same child-like scribble with the words 'If you're reading this it's loading' and when its all over, 'If you're reading this it's game over.'

The Runnin Through The Six game is available for free download on the Apple app store now.