DigitalGlobe's search campaign for missing Malaysian plane

DigitalGlobe's search campaign for missing Malaysian plane

Help find the 239 passengers and crew

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DigitalGlobe has launched a new campaign to scan the Gulf of Thailand for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 which went missing last weekend

The world's leading earth imagery company, DigitalGlobe, is enlisting people that are willing to help to scan and tag images of more than 1,200 square miles of ocean to help find the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777.

Flight MH370 was carrying 239 people on board when it lost communication while on its way to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. With the media focusing on various different claims being made on why the seemingly well-functioning plane disappeared, leading earth-imagery company DigitalGlobe is trying to locate it.

The Longmont-based firm activated its FirstLook service on Sunday, with two satellites searching areas over the Gulf of Thailand (where investigators suspect the plane crashed) as well  initiating its pioneering crowdsourcing platform, Tomnod on Monday.

In just 24 hours, nearly half a million people started to help in the global search on DigitalGlobe, with people tagging anything that looks out of place in the satellite images — which are retrieved daily.

“Most commonly tagged objects right now are the ships and boats involved in the search and the oil slicks on the sea surface,” the company said in a statement, “With new collects coming in every day, we’re always trying to find the right places to look.”

Today marks the 6th day of the disappearance, with no sign of the plane and its passengers DigitalGlobe is still pushing for a happy ending, “You’ve got to be hopeful right? That’s what’s getting people to come to this story across the world…people are captured by this story,” said Luke Barrington, DigitalGlobe's senior manager of geospatial big data.

Help find  Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on Tomnod now.

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