Damien Hirst to build and create entire town

Damien Hirst to build and create entire town

In Ilfracombe, North Devon

Image: Il Blog Del Critico

According to reports artist Damien Hirst is about to embark on his biggest project to date – the design and construction of an entire town in Ilfracombe, North Devon

The news first came to our attention via reports from the North Devon Journal, who report that Hirst has been granted permission to build an entirely eco town consisting of 750 homes on a 187 acre site. According to the article, 75 of the homes will be "affordable." The town will also said to include a primary school, shops, medical buildings, sports facilities and some allotments. 

Unfortunately, there is already tension mounting with the residents of Ilfracombe – who are angry about the plans, complaining that the new roads will have a major impact on the area and the jobs it will create will be unstable. 

A spokesperson for Hirst told The Times"He wants these houses to be the kind of homes he would want to live in. He wants these buildings to be landmarks that will stand the test of time and create a blueprint for quality, environmentally sustainable developments across the country."

Hirst already actually owns a studio, restaurant and property in the area and in 2012 his bronze statue called 'Verity' was erected near the coast.