Condé Nast is replacing its internship with a paid fellowship program

Condé Nast is replacing its internship with a paid fellowship program

Learning on the job

Condé Nast reveals plans for its new paid fellowship program, which will replace its long since dismantled internship program. Find out what instigated the change and what new Conde Nast 'fellows' can expect...

Condé Nast will be launching a new fellowship program, to replace the internship program that was forced to close down in 2013 due to a lawsuit from two former W and New Yorker interns. The new fellowship will consist of a six-month, paid program that hires participants on a full-time basis, meaning that fellowships probably won't be open to college students in the same way that the more flexible internship programs were (they also required college credit as entry criteria.)

After losing the intern lawsuit brought against them, which claimed that the interns in question were not properly compensated for their time and efforts, Condé Nast eventually revealed that a settlement of $5.8 million was reached. The controversial lawsuit resulted in the complete dismantling of the internship program. Until now, when Condé Nast has found a new way to afford aspiring journalists the chance to come and learn the ropes, without exposing themselves to further legal troubles. 

Wired, which is owned by Condé Nast, has been running a successful fellowship program for several years. Its current model offers fellows payment of $12.25 per hour for a 35 hour week, from July to December 2015. Having proved successful, it is thought that Condé Nast's model will be similar.