Condé Nast UK to launch bespoke publishing service

Condé Nast UK to launch bespoke publishing service

Condé Nast Portrait

Condé Nast have revealed plans to launch a UK-based multimedia bespoke publishing service for private individuals called Condé Nast Portrait

The new concept will launch in August and provide hand-finished books, glossy magazines and digital projects for clients across the globe – promising to provide "the finest photographers, stylists, editors, film-makers and archive, creating a very personal story in the unparalleled Condé Nast style," according to the company.

Director of Condé Nast Portrait, Natalia Kuznetsova-Rice said the bespoke service "will cater for those with an enviable lifestyle who wish to own a ravishing publication or production, that will speak volumes about their lives.

"We have identified a strong demand for high quality creative publishing, and in many ways it's no different to commissioning a piece of jewellery, a Savile Row suit, or an artwork. Condé Nast Portrait will attract those looking to make a significant investment in a unique personal creation," she said.

This news comes at a time when speculation that some of Condé Nast's longstanding print titles are suffering in the face of the digital era – with reports circulating that the publishing house is now on high alert after having choppy first and second quarters, causing the company to reevaluate its budgets across its wide variety of titles. Is this new consultancy-type business model a way for one of the largest publishing houses in the world to increase its profits and regain its strong position? Only Condé Nast Portrait and time will tell...