Coca-Cola's new healthier coke: Coca-Cola Life

Coca-Cola's new healthier coke: Coca-Cola Life

Sweetened with stevia

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Coca-Cola is looking to a healthier future, as the testing of 'Coca-Cola Life' begins...

The downside to drinking a lot of coke is commonly discussed – news feeds are frequently touting experimental stories such as, 'what happens when you boil coca-cola' (it turns into a black, sugary paste) or the old wives tale that a dirty penny soaked in coke will make it shiny and clean. So do we really want to consume it? It seems that the original brand behind the drink has the answer...

Coca-Cola Life – a new type of drink altogether – contains a "third less sugar and calories" than the original. It has been launched as part of industry and government-wide efforts to tackle the growing obesity problem, green labelling included. 

Coca-Cola's new healthier coke

Currently being piloted in Argentina and Chile, it looks set to go worldwide later this year. Coca-Cola Life is sweetened with sugar and stevia leaf extract, and will be the first new Coca-Cola since Coke Zero was launched in 2006.

A 330ml can will contain 22.1 grams of sugar – a dramatic slash on the 35 grams found in a regular can of Coke.

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