The world's largest telescope is set to be built in Chile

The world's largest telescope is set to be built in Chile

In the Chilean Andes

Astronomers delight upon receiving the green light for construction on the world's largest telescope set to be built in Chile in the Andes Mountains...

Astronomers are set for an exciting new phase in exploration as plans are announced for the world’s largest telescope. The site of the project is high in the Andes Mountains in Chile’s Atacama Desert, and will possess a giant light-collecting surface 128 feet across.

The Eastern Southern Observatory Council (ESO) told developers that plans for the telescope would be approved once 90% of the estimated $2.5 million of funds has been raised. Now the green light has been lit thanks to the final contribution from Poland who agreed to join the European Southern Telescope last October. 

"The most powerful of all the extremely large telescope projects currently planned,” is one of three huge scale projects of its kind currently in development in the region and we can expect to start star gazing from the project's mid way point when some of the initial features will begin to be in place although the full project won’t be completed until after 2024.

Tim de Zeeuw, ESO's director general spoke about the announcement: "There is already a lot of progress in Chile on the summit of Armazones, and the next few years will be very exciting.”