Celebrity chef Gary Rhodes launches healthy eating campaign in UAE schools

Celebrity chef Gary Rhodes launches healthy eating campaign in UAE schools

A recipe for better food standards

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Image: Hotelier Middle East

Michelin-starred Chef Gary Rhodes will soon be launching an initiative to promote healthy eating in the schools of Dubai, helping children understand and appreciate food and nutrition

The Festival of Rhodes programme, created by the cooking master himself, will be held at the beginning of June and involve educating children about healthy eating. Rhodes has long campaigned for better food standards in school meals and has now decided to take action and start educating children, parents and teachers about healthy eating in the UAE.

To launch the new initiative, Rhodes will be teaching the children of Foremarke School in Dubai everything one needs to know about ingredients, as well as cooking tips.

The chef will be working with Dubai-based firm Mastercook to provide school meals at Foremarke from September 2014. The menu will consist of traditional British school favourites like Sunday roasts, 'Toad in the hole' and many more.

The ingredients will also be mainly sourced from local farmers' markets, with some will even coming from the school's own organic gardens.  

"What we want is to inject new enthusiasm in young children for what they will be served that day," Rhodes stated,"Every moment they will be eating, they will enjoy what's on their plate".

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