Egyptian government reveals plans for new pyramid tower in Cairo

Egyptian government reveals plans for new pyramid tower in Cairo

'Zayed Crystal Spark'

The Egyptian government has revealed plans for a new pyramid tower to be built in Cairo, just a short drive from the ancient pyramids of Giza. The new tower is set to become the highest building in the city...

Cairo is preparing to receive a brand new pyramid, just thirty minutes drive away from the ancient wonder – the pyramids of Giza. The new design has been announced by Moustaf Madbouly, Egypt's minister of housing, and is proposed for Cairo's Sheikh Zayed City

Early images of the designs show a tall and slim tower that will stand at 200 metres tall and comprise 49 stories. This will stand next to a a lower and broader pyramid tower by its side. The 'Zayed Crystal Spark' will become the city's tallest building by more than 50 metres. 

The details of the developer and the architect are yet to be released but the Egyptian government is expected to reveal all in an economic conference later this month. Madbouly has revealed some information about the building's purposes: "It is an administrative, commercial and entertainment project as it includes buildings for various purposes, in addition to the unique 200-metre tower," he has said. 


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