Cable cars to connect Dubai's 'The World' islands?

Cable cars to connect Dubai's 'The World' islands?

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A developer is arguing that the most efficient transport option to connect Dubai’s The World islands to land are cable cars – and not a floating bridge, as previously suggested

Austrian company Doppelmayer Cable Car conducted a recent study and found a line linking the six islands called 'The Heart of Europe' on the World Islands to either Jumeirah Beach or Umm Sequim was the most feasible transport option to reach the manmade islands, around 4 kilometres off the coast. 

The company told Arabian Business that: "It would be cheaper than building a floating bridge, it would be very efficient, it would even be a tourist attraction," with Josef Kleindienst, CEO of Kleindienst Group, the developer behind The Heart of Europe adding, "We have discussed it on a government level already; we saw support. We've calculated a cable car to The Heart of Europe versus other transport and the cable car would be the most economical way to transport people and even part of the goods. But it would go against our vision to create a holiday place close to Dubai but outside of Dubai."

At present the method of transportation is not 100% confirmed, but it seems likely that the the voyage to the iconic manmade islands will be an experience in itself – when the project finally launches, will you take the confirmed seaplane or use the cable cars if they come to fruition? 

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