Bulgari ambassador Eric Bana inspires young people with Save the Children

Bulgari ambassador Eric Bana inspires young people with Save the Children

Australian actor discovers helping programs in his home country

Image: Bvlgari

Eric Bana – world-famous actor, ambassador for Bulgari and a global partner of Save the Children – spent two days visiting three programs that help young people in the suburbs of Syndey, Australia

He's played characters including Henry VIII of England and the Hulk, but back in February Eric Bana put his acting aside to visit three Save the Children programs in Sydney, AustraliaThe actor was joined by Bulgari staff, as he spent two days meeting the children and young people that the orginisation is helping.

During the visit, Bana took part in weekly life skills sessions, and focused on the youth of the Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre as they set long terms goals for their future.

One staff member commented that because of who Eric was and where he was from (Western Sydney), this one visit by a Hollywood superstar could potentially have life-changing effects on the children.

Bana contributed to the Intensive Supported Play scheme as well, engaging with children and parents alike as he took part in educational activities. 

The actor also helped the children with their multi-media projects through the M.Y van (Mobile Youth van) program. The van is equipped with the latest in digital and multimedia equipment, sporting equipment and health promotion materials, which is available through iPads.

"I really enjoyed interacting with the kids at the school readiness program, watching them learn and also having a lot of fun. These Save the Children programs are so important to give these kids the best start in life." explained Bana.

The trip was highly successful as Save the Children will now be expanding its programs in New South Wales to reach even more vulnerable children and young people, all thanks to Bulgari and Ambassador Eric Bana's monumental support.

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