Dubai's Burj Al Arab is set to host helipad weddings

Dubai's Burj Al Arab is set to host helipad weddings

Say "I do" sky high

Image: Jumeirah
Image: Posh Ex

Starting from $55,000, Dubai is taking the wedding concept to new heights in more ways than one

The iconic Dubai landmark – the Burj Al Arab will be offering couples the opportunity for a helipad wedding, atop their landing strip, 212 metres above sea level. The helipad has provided the location for various publicity stunts on a number of occasions since the structure was erected, having seen Tiger Woods tee off in 2004. The following year hosted a game of tennis between Roger Federer and Andre Agassi, and most recently in 2013, Formula One's David Coulthard performed a series of donuts in a Red Bull racing car.

At a hefty AED200,000 ($55,000) each wedding ceremony will be allocated its own wedding planner for a custom-made wedding, tailored to the couples' wishes.

The bride and groom will have the choice of exclusive transportation, either an Italian twin engine Augusta 109 helicopter, or a luxury ride if travelling by road. The couple will also stay in one of the hotel's 202 state of the art suites, as well as enjoying beverage sampling with the hotel's head sommelier. Experts will be on hand every step of the way, with the executive pastry chef consulting on all aspects of the wedding cake, ensuring that every detail is attended to in their unique wedding experience.