The LED 'happiness blanket' by British Airways

The LED 'happiness blanket' by British Airways

Because they're happy

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Image: British Airways

Working in a not dissimilar way to that of a good old 90s mood ring, British Airways is looking to launch a colour therapy style blanket for passengers

While Virgin Atlantic are intent on dressing the staff on its planes in an altogether different way, competitor British Airways has begun testing on a product for its passengers instead. It's in the form of a hi-tech blanket which changes colour as it measures a person's brainwaves, to ensure it offers customers the "best flight's sleep in the sky." 

This is the first time this technology has been used by any airline to help shape how service is delivered on board an aircraft; and British Airways hopes that by monitoring a person's sleep and relaxation patterns during a flight will then inform decisions made to improve aspects of the in-flight service, too.

The LED 'happiness blanket' by British Airways (фото 1)

The LED 'happiness blanket' by British Airways (фото 2)

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