Boeing and Airbus jets transformed for billionaires

Boeing and Airbus jets transformed for billionaires

Customisation in the clouds

Billionaires from around the world are slowly forgetting about the $65 million Gulfstream and opting to buy and customise their own commercial Airbus A380 or Boeing 747 models

Epitomising luxury air travel since the 1990s Boeing and Airbus — who have reportedly had a rise in private sales thanks to many VIP travellers  are now gutting out their planes and replacing them with entertainment and leisure facilities.  

The increase in demand for the jets are coming from billionaires in countries like Russia, China and the Middle East. The focus on Boeing's private jet branch has seen the company deliver 195 jets from a total of 217 orders  with one jet costing approximately $280 million.

Inside the planes one can expect ultra-luxurious interiors from queen sized bedrooms with wood paneled closets to bathrooms with jet showers. 



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