Blackberry attempt a bigger bite of the Apple in new ‘trade up’ offer

Blackberry attempt a bigger bite of the Apple in new ‘trade up’ offer

Beginning today for a limited time

Striving to claw their way back to the top spot in the smart phone market, Blackberry target Apple in a new ‘trade up’ scheme...

Blackberry are targeting Apple iPhone users in their latest stunt to increase market share of the once dominant smart phone brand. Their ‘trade up’ scheme could see iPhone users walking away with upto $600, if they can part with their device and sign up to Blackberry Passport online by February 13 2015. The Passport boasts a 30 hour battery life, a large square touch screen and a signature blackberry keyboard.

Designed with executives in mind, the size of the phone is modelled on the dimensions of the average passport. In light of the clumsy debut iPhone 6 plus experienced earlier this year, this is an opportunistic move that could prove fruitful.

The ‘trade up’ deal works like this: Blackberry are offering as much as $400 USD for each iPhone depending on model, and will cough up an addition cash sum up to $200 USD if Passport is purchased online from the BlackBerry store between December 1, 2014 to February 13, 2015.


The offer is available online at Blackberry or in Blackberry flagship stores. 

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