#BestOfBuro: News you need now

#BestOfBuro: News you need now

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Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Editor: Shannon Wylie

From the best hotel destinations for Eid and the top films to binge watch on Father's Day to a coveted organic skincare brand and Insta-worthy beauty trends, these are the top news items you need to know now.

1. Buro 24/7 Australia: Beauty connoisseurs take note! Coveted organic skincare brand Snow Fox has confirmed a two-month wait list for its exclusive face mask. So pen your orders in now.

#BestOfBuro June 18

2. Buro 24/7 Singapore: Throw caution to the wind and embrace these quirky beauty trends that are dominating social media, from marble lip art to barbed wire brows and the autumn-appropriate must-try hairstyle, charcoal hair.

#BestOfBuro June 18

3. Buro 24/7 Australia: No more second-guessing as the line between personal endorsement and paid marketing has now been clearly drawn with Instagram's new scam-free feature.

#BestOfBuro June 18

3. Buro 24/7 Middle East: Whether you're planning a relaxing beach holiday or are ready to explore new cities and cultures, this is the ultimate guide to exotic and luxurious hotel destinations for your long Eid weekend.

#BestOfBuro June 18

4. Buro 24/7 Malaysia: Unleash the inner film aficionado and embark on a cinematic marathon with dad this Father's Day with a list of specially curated must-see film classics that include The Godfather, Meet The Parents and Captain Fantastic.

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